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242: ICYMI - Steve Deis, Lazear Capital Partners

Steve Deis, Lazear Capital Partners

Bret Keisling was joined by Steve Deis, managing director of Lazear Capital Partners, who describes the role of investment banking in ESOP transactions, and how Lazear can manage the process from the feasibility study to the completed transaction.

This episode was recorded live at NCEO's Annual EO Conference in Seattle, Washington in April 2022.

This body of this podcast originally aired on June 7, 2022, as Episode 202: Steve Deis, Lazear Capital Partners.


Episode 242 Show Notes

About Steve Deis, Managing Director:

Steve Deis is a Managing Director with Lazear Capital based in California. With over 25 years in the financial services and investment banking industry, Steve is passionate about helping privately held business owners discover the breadth of business succession options based on the unique objectives for their family, company, and employees. Steve's personal experience as a proud 4th generation member of a family agricultural business is central to his core tenets as a professional.

About Lazear Capital Partners:

Lazear Capital Partners logo

The professionals at Lazear Capital Partners are nationally recognized for their expertise in designing and implementing plans. Lazear Capital has deep experience in tax structuring. They offer feasibility analysis, transaction structuring and execution services.

Feasibility Analysis - In conjunction with other corporate advisors, Lazear Capital can help determine if an ESOP makes sense, determining an initial range of value, designing a preliminary structure, understanding financing options and determining estimated proceeds for the seller.

Transaction Structure - Lazear Capital professionals explore the ideal structure for each company, which includes understanding shareholder and employee objectives, exploring tax implications and structuring the deal to allow for maximum flexibility for the company post-closing.

Execution - Selling to an ESOP involves a number of professionals who have different expertise. Lazear’s M&A and Corporate Finance expertise enables the firm to address issues that arise and to provide a highly customized solution. It is also important to assemble the right team to structure the transaction optimally and to enable it to go smoothly. Lazear Capital are well integrated into the ESOP community and are skilled at assembling a team that works well together.

Lazear's blog post from 2022 about ESOPs and the retirement crisis can be found here.

Bret Keisling, Passionate Advocat for Employee Ownership

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