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257: The Kendeda Fund Impact - Part 3, Project Equity

The EsOp Podcast: The Kendeda Fund Impact -  Part 3, Project Equity, featuring CEO Evan Edwards

We continue our look at the ways The Kendeda Fund impacts employee ownership. Bret Keisling is joined by Evan Edwards of Project Equity, who shares how critical The Kendeda Fund's support has been.

Project Equity kicked off 2023 with an Employee Ownership Equity Summit which brought together leaders in economic development, policy, government, philanthropy, and the private sector to elevate employee ownership as a way to address problems important to all.

Evan discusses the Black Employee Ownership Initiative which kicked off this year in partnership with Morehouse College, which is focused on ensuring that Black workers and Black-owned businesses can leverage the power of employee ownership in order to help address racial wage and wealth inequality.

Evan also discusses the work Project Equity does in transitioning businesses to employee ownership through EO Equals as well as the The Employee Ownership Catalyst Fund, both of which were started with support from The Kendeda Fund.

Special thanks to Michael Palmieri of the Ohio Employee Ownership Center for suggesting this series and helping coordinate with the participating organizations.

... or watch the video below.


Episode 257 Show Notes

The Kendeda Fund Impact Series:

Episode 257 Guest

About Evan Edwards

Evan began his career as the International Business Manager at an early leading technology start-up, Quarterdeck Corporation. Bitten by the start-up bug, he spent following years in leadership and consulting roles at a variety of early stage enterprises including (Northcore Technologies), Mediaseek Technology and Planesia Corp. Guided by a shift in personal and professional priorities Evan moved into the non-profit sector as Executive Director at YMCA Corporation of Los Angeles, leading the turnaround of an under-performing business unit. Driven by the value of social enterprises and the vision of a generative economy, Evan’s work with Project Equity creates strong collaborative partnerships across sectors. Evan is a graduate of Northwestern University in Evanston, IL (a proud supporter of Wildcat football!), and has certification from Stelter in Professional Fundraising Management. When not working he’s playing sports, walking his dogs or cooking a great meal from scratch.

About Project Equity

Learn more about Project Equity's history in our conversations with the co-founders:


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