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265: Peter Newman Part 3 -ESOP Company-Provided Personal Financial Wellness Planning

The EsOp Podcat with Bret Keisling: ESOP Company-Provided Personal Financial Wellness Planning with Peter Newman of Peak Wealth Planning

Part 3 of 3.  Bret Keisling again welcomes Peter Newman of Peak Wealth Planning for a discussion on the benefits of ESOP companies providing personal financial wellness training to employee owners. 

We know that ESOPs provide greater retirement wealth than non-EO companies, but too many employee owners face the same retirement uncertainties and insecurities as non-employee owners. Just as many ESOPs emphasize open book management, Peter Newman discusses why it's important to include personal financial wellness planning, which leads to higher job security and satisfaction as well as increased retention among workers.  Peak Wealth Planning works with companies to offer three tiers of education, tailoring each program to where people are in their career cycle.

Peak Wealth Planning is a boutique financial advisory firm specializing in high net-worth individuals with an emphasis on employee ownership.

... or watch the video below.


Episode 265 Show Notes

About Peter Newman

Peter Newman founded Peak Wealth Planning in 2014 to provide financial planning and investment management for individuals who built their wealth through ESOP participation, business ownership, or real estate investing. He helps families diversify their concentrated stock, reduce estate taxes, preserve wealth, and generate stable retirement income. 


Peter holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation, considered by many to be the gold standard for investment management. Prior to founding Peak Wealth, Peter spent two decades in Treasury Operations at the University of Illinois System where he managed capital financing, insurance programs, banking, agricultural properties, and $3 billion of combined operating and endowment investments. 


In his free time, Peter enjoys vegetable gardening, biking, skiing, and home remodeling.


Learn more about Peter here and learn more about working with Peak Wealth Planning here.


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