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281: Ownership at Work's Campbell McDonald, Part 1

Bret Keisling is joined by Campbell McDonald, chief executive of Ownership at Work, a UK-based charitable think tank, and a research fellow at the Rutgers Institute for the Study of Employee Ownership and Profit Sharing. They delve into the impact of employee ownership on businesses and communities, the importance of employee voice, sharing rewards, and leadership in employee-owned businesses. They also discuss the similarities in EO results, regardless of the form of EO or what country the employee-owned businesses operate in. 


Campbell shares findings from Ownership at Work's EO Knowledge Programme, which was commissioned in 2022 by the Employee Ownership Association (EOA) and set out to establish a new baseline in understanding the scale and impact of employee ownership in the UK. The EO Knowledge Programme is the sector’s most ambitious research project to date, consisting of three vital research strands: The EO Performance Project, The Good EO Project, and the EO Integrated Impact Project.

... or watch the video below.


Episode 281 Show Notes

About Campbell McDonald

A literal “lightbulb” EO A-ha Moment at the John Lewis Partnership Offices

Campbell is Chief Executive of independent charitable think tank Ownership at Work which promotes the impact of sharing ownership and participation in the workplace, and recently published ground-breaking new evidence of the social and economic impact of employee ownership (EO) in the UK. Campbell is an independent Trustee Chair at four EO owned businesses and works as a consultant supporting EO Boards and leadership teams before and after transition. He is an Executive Fellow at Rutgers University’s School of Management and Labour Relations’ Institute for the Study of Employee Ownership and Profit Sharing. Previously Campbell spent two years as a consultant to the Board of the John Lewis Partnership (2008-10), before founding and running a specialist management consultancy (Baxendale Advisory, 2011-18). Recognised by the Financial Times as one of the UK’s highest performing small consultancies, and ranked a Best in the World B Corp, Baxendale delivered EO transitions and was itself 100% employee owned by a Trust.

About Ownership at Work

In their own words via Ownership at Work, Who We Are.

"Launched in 2019, Ownership at Work (OAW) is an independent charitable think tank. 

OAW’s mission is to promote greater understanding of the role industrial democracy and employee ownership can play in the UK economy. We focus on the social and economic impact of sharing meaningful ownership and participation with employees and workers in organisations of all kinds.

We have four strategic objectives: 

1. To generate evidence of the outcomes and impact of employee and worker ownership across economic, social and environmental measures

2. To generate fresh thinking and new ideas based on insights from employee and worker ownership

3. To generate data and insight to support best practice in employee and worker owned organisations

4. To apply insights and ideas to support a fair and inclusive economy in which more individuals have the opportunity to share ownership and participation in their organisations

OAW is a research partner to the Employee Ownership Association and works closely with Co-operatives UK and other organisations interested in promoting understanding of shared ownership models."


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