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57: ESOP Roundtable with Devine Millimet and BerryDunn

This episode's roundtable was hosted by Devine Millimet [] at their offices in Manchester, New Hampshire. Bret Keisling sat down with ESOP attorney Tabitha Croscut, of Devine Milimet, and Seth Webber (Principal, CFA, ASA, CBA, CVA, CBEC) and Sandra Smith (Senior Manager, CPA) from BerryDunn [] from Portland, Maine. From their diverse perspectives in the ESOP world, they take a look at the year ahead with a wide-ranging discussion about the annual process and the interplay between the CPA side, the company financials, and the valuation of ESOPs.

This episode also debuts another regular new feature of The ESOP Podcast for the New Year: Take a quick wellness break with "Sara's Spot", with tips from Certified Nutritionist Sara Sullivan [] to help you boost your corporate and personal well-being every week.


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