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ESOP Summer School 2: Jeff Gelburd of Murray Securus on ESOPs, Fiduciary Insurance & Cyber Insurance

It's a beautiful summer day here on the East Coast of the USA, which can only mean one thing: time to get outside and get some exercise while increasing your ESOP knowledge by listening to “The ESOP Podcast Summer School” series! We’ve selected highlights from our archives featuring employee-owners that we’ll re-release all summer long. (Because these episodes are from the archives, please remember that the links and email addresses mentioned in the podcast may no longer be valid.) As you enjoy summer school, we are working hard behind-the-scenes to bring you new content and services that are better than ever, starting in the fall of ‘19!

Our featured guest is Jeff Gelburd, Vice President, ESOP Program Manager at Murray Securus and then-President of the Pennsylvania Delaware Chapter of the ESOP Association. Jeff sat down with Bret Keisling during the September 2017 ESOP Association Multi-State Conference – PA/DE and NY/NJ Chapter Meeting in Scranton, PA for a discussion of ESOPs, fiduciary insurance, and cyber insurance.

Murray Securus is a Lancaster, Pennsylvania, insurance broker serving the Mid-Atlantic and Eastern States Regions of the U.S. They have partnered with The ESOP Association to provide a special insurance program specifically for employee-owned companies. This program offers effective protection for the ERISA liability exposures ESOP companies and their executives face, as well as the other exposures in their capacity as directors and/or officers.

You can hear the original October 17th, 2017 release of this episode in full in "Episode 5" of The ESOP Podcast.


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