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ESOP Summer School 8: Rob Zicaro on Employee Ownership

Rob Zicaro

Our “ESOP Podcast Summer School” series continues. We’ve selected highlights from our archives featuring employee-owners that we’ll re-release all summer. (Because these episodes are from the archives, please remember that the links and email addresses mentioned in the podcast may no longer be valid.) As you enjoy summer school, we are working hard behind-the-scenes to bring you new content and services that are better than ever, starting in the fall of ‘19!

Our featured guest is Rob Zicaro an ESOP advocate, speaker, and consultant, and a singer-songwriter. He spent 26 years as an employee-owner at Web Industries, and he shares his insider's perspective from his years as an active employee-owner, as well as his current experience enjoying this unique benefit and continuing his career in music (at

Rob offers a lot of food for thought for both current and prospective employee owners, with an emphasis on the importance of developing a culture of communication and mutual respect.

The video of Rob Zicaro's 1993 conference presentation to then-president Bill Clinton, referenced in this podcast, can be seen here on The ESOP Association's YouTube Channel.


You can hear the original February 20th, 2018 release of this episode in "Episode 22" of The ESOP Podcast.

About Web Industries

Web Industries, a contract manufacturing organization serving the aerospace, medical diagnostics, consumer health and hygiene, multi-insulation and wire and cable markets, prides itself on the fact that it is 100-percent employee-owned.

"Web Industries is a 100% employee-owned company, and all of our employee-owners have the opportunity to share in the success of the company. As employee-owners, we also share the responsibility to meet our commitments to our customers, to each other, and to the communities in which we live and work.

Web Industries believes in the power of teamwork and that every business opportunity is a chance to build a lasting relationship. We know that there is a real energy that exists when companies are open, honest, and work together to meet mutual goals. As a company, we thrive on that energy and work to bring it into every product and every project that we touch." [Source: Web Industries, Careers]


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