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Mini-cast 31: See you at #NCEO19

From April 9–11, 2019, our team will be going to this year's record-setting, sold-out National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO) conference at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center Pittsburgh, PA.

On Tuesday, April 9th, in the 10:30–11:45 AM NCEO Concurrent Session, Bret Keisling, Michael D. Gore of Penn United Technologies, Inc., and Edward A. Wilusz of Value Management Inc. will present “Can ESOPs Do That? When Business Decisions Affect Value.” Management may need to consider value in situations where it may not have come to mind such as capital expenditures, compensation, and strategy.

We look forward to seeing many of our listeners at the conference! We always appreciate it when listeners of the podcast come up and introduce themselves; we love to hear your feedback face-to-face, or email us at


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