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159: The Personal Fitness Business Revisited

Summer is in full swing and so we're taking a moment to focus on our health by revisiting one of our favorite fitness-related episodes. In this episode, originally aired in January 2019, Bret Keisling sat down with William "Bill" Moore, owner of Personal Fitness in Camp Hill, PA, to talk about the business of personal training. Along the way, we talk about Bill's training philosophy, which looks beyond the "New Year, New You" hype and focuses on consistent improvement.

This episode originally aired on January 29, 2019 as Episode 60: The Business of Personal Fitness.


Episode 159 Notes

More about Personal Fitness

Personal Fitness is a private, personal training studio located in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. It is owned and operated by veteran certified fitness expert and entrepreneur Bill Moore.

The Personal Fitness team consists of skilled fitness professionals who are passionate about helping clients (regardless of age or fitness level) who want to change their lives and bodies. We specialize in nutritional guidance, body sculpting, strength training, weight loss, plyometrics, core conditioning, and various types of cardiovascular training (endurance, sport, and interval).

More about Sara Sullivan

Sara Sullivan, Certified Nutritionist is your go-to expert for achieving your nutrition and wellness goals. She focuses on providing you with practical, realistic advice that allows you to start seeing results.


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