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251: Jack Moriarty of Ownership America, Part 1

The EsOp Podcast: Jack Moriarty of Ownership America

Bret Keisling is joined by Jack Moriarty, founder and CEO of Ownership America, for a great discussion about employee ownership trends including the recently held Employee Ownership Ideas Forum, which brought together elected leaders, EO activists, and employee owners for two days of robust discussion. Then Jack shares an overview of Washington state's new employee ownership law which is perhaps the most ambitious statewide EO law in the United States.

The new Washington state law creates: the Washington Employee Ownership Program with the Washington Department of Commerce; an Employee Ownership Commission with seats appointed by the Governor and legislative leaders; a tax credit for feasibility studies; clarification that State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI) funding for the State of Washington maybe be used to finance employee ownership use cases; and a revolving loan fund to support the financing of conversions without a personal guarantee requirement.

... or watch the video below.


Episode 251 Show Notes

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About Jack Moriarty

Jack Moriarty is the Founder and Executive Director of Ownership America, a think tank building the next generation ownership society. Ownership America is creating a movement for broad participation in ownership through policy development and organizing coalitions of grassroots advocates and across the country.

Prior to Ownership America, Jack held a number of strategy and operations roles at early-stage healthcare delivery and technology companies. Jack received his MBA from the Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management where he was a Roy H. Park Leadership Fellow and named a 2020 "MBA to Watch" by Poets & Quants. Jack is the Policy Institute Analysis Fellow at the Rutgers Institute for the Study of Employee Ownership and Profit Sharing and was named to the Massachusetts Baby Bonds Task Force by Treasurer Deb Goldberg in 2022. He holds a BA and MA in Political Science from Boston University and is an AmeriCorps alumnus.

Learn more about Jack Moriarty and Ownership America:

Bret Keisling, Passionate Advocat for Employee Ownership

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