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27: Transitioning to and Embracing an ESOP

Today's episode has two parts, both recorded at the 2018 Spring Conference of the New England Chapter of The ESOP Association on Friday, March 23rd in Burlington, Massachusets.

We start with an interview with Laurie Calvert, Chief Operating Officer of Meridian Associates, Inc., a civil engineering and land surveying firm that transitioned to 100% employee ownership in 2016. She shares her perspective as both a leader and a participant in the early years of an ESOP, including a great analogy to the early years of home ownership.

The second half of this podcast is a recording of an interactive presentation given at the conference: "If I’d Only Known Then What I Know Now: Transitioning to and Embracing an ESOP." The goal of this session is to give companies who are thinking about becoming an ESOP, or are new to ESOPs, information and ideas to help with the success of the transition to employee ownership.


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