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34: ESOPs Make Good Companies Great

Our guest is Robert "Bob" Whalen, President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of HB Global, LLC. At the time of this interview, HB Global employed approximately 750 people across three divisions of employee-owned mechanical service companies: HB McClure CompanyIT Landes Company, and Nash Plumbing and Mechanical, with locations in Harrisburg, York, and Harleysville, Pennsylvania, and Wildwood, Florida.

Bob Whalen describes how their ESOP creates both a positive current working environment today and a retirement vehicle for the future.  An ESOP won't turn a bad company into a good company - but an ESOP can make a good company into a *great* company.  Focusing on employees first helps HB Global outperform the marketplace.


"Since becoming an ESOP – employee owned company – in 2010, [HB Global] has unlocked our ability to tap into our team’s commitment to a greater vision, helping us to achieve smarter, more efficient growth, with a focus on each other and not just the bottom line alone. Together, with our employee-owners, we have experienced greater success as a family of partners. As we look ahead, we see our commitment to be THE employer of choice – dedicated to creating sustainable retirement for every employee – the key to our future." [Source: HB Global, LLC - Proud to be an ESOP]


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