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ESOP Summer School 1: Larry Filipski of 100% ESOP Once Again Nut Butter

Welcome to “The ESOP Podcast Summer School” series. We’ve selected highlights from our archives featuring employee-owners that we’ll re-release all summer long. (Because these episodes are from the archives, please remember that the links and email addresses mentioned in the podcast may no longer be valid.)

As you enjoy summer school, we are working hard behind-the-scenes to bring you new content and services that are better than ever, starting in the fall of ‘19!

We kick off summer with our talk with Larry Filipski, CFO of the 100% ESOP Once Again Nut Butter and then-president of The ESOP Association's NY/NJ State Chapter. (Steve Blowers, Plant Manager of the Once Again Nut Butter Collective, is 2019 NY/NJ Chapter President.)

We spoke with Larry directly from the conference floor at The ESOP Association's 2018 PA/DE & NY/NJ Chapters Multi-State Conference, in Hershey, PA. As you'll hear, the employee-owners of OANB are committed to producing superior products for their customers. They spread more than nut butters... they "spread integrity!"

You can hear the original release of this episode in full in "Episode 43" of The ESOP Podcast.


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