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ESOP Summer School 4: Cindy Turcot, COO of 100% Employee-Owned Gardener’s Supply Company

Our “ESOP Podcast Summer School” series continues. We’ve selected highlights from our archives featuring employee-owners that we’ll re-release all summer. (Because these episodes are from the archives, please remember that the links and email addresses mentioned in the podcast may no longer be valid.) As you enjoy summer school, we are working hard behind-the-scenes to bring you new content and services that are better than ever, starting in the fall of ‘19!

Our featured guest is Cindy Turcot, Chief Operating Officer of Gardener’s Supply Company located in Burlington, Vermont, and former Chair of The ESOP Association. Cindy Turcot sat down with Bret Keisling at The ESOP Association's record-setting November 2017 Las Vegas ESOP Conference and Trade Show held at the Paris hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their discussion covers shared capitalism, employee ownership and company culture, employee ownership month, the ESOP movement... and loving your ESOP so much that you get #iLoveMyESOP <3 suits!

"Gardener's Supply Company is 100% employee-owned. In general terms, that means we all earn stock and share in company profits through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). But ask any of our employee-owners, and they'll tell you it goes way beyond that. Being co-owners really means that we: care deeply about our customers and their successes in the garden; sustain a vibrant focus on gardening; support a strong social mission; take care of our communities and one another; and work hard to safeguard the increasingly fragile planet we've been entrusted with." [Source: Gardener's Supply - Proudly Employee Owned]

You can hear the original November 10th, 2017 release of this episode in full in "Episode 10" of The ESOP Podcast.


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