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Winter Wonderland 005: Meier Supply Celebrates 30 Years in EO

Welcome to The ESOP Podcast's Winter Wonderland, where we take the opportunity to revisit some of our favorite episodes.

In this episode, Bret Keisling was joined by Robert Tomaka, CFO of Meier Supply Co. Inc., which is celebrating its 30th year as an ESOP. Bob discusses ESOP lifecycles, sustainability, repurchase obligations, maintaining culture with eighteen locations, and giving back to communities.

Bob also shares his EO A-ha Moment, how Meier Supply encourages financial and time commitments to non-profits, and why he gives back to the EO community by presenting at NCEO and serving as chair of the NY/NJ Chapter of The ESOP Association.

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The body of this episode originally aired on July 12, 2022, as Episode 206: Meier Supply Celebrates 30 Years in EO.


Episode WW 005 Show Notes

About Robert Tomaka

Chief Financial Officer

Robert Tomaka, CFO, Meier Supply Co., Inc.

Robert (Bob) Tomaka has been a co-owner at Meier Supply for over 16 years and is engaged in all aspects of the ESOP. In addition to being the company’s CFO, he is a member of the Meier ESOP Advisory Council and Strategic Planning Committee. He has been a presenter at several ESOP conferences including The National Center for Employee Ownership and is President of the NY/NJ chapter of The ESOP Association. Bob enjoys golf, hiking, grilling, guitar and spending time with his family.

About Meier Supply Co., Inc.:

Founded in 1957, Meier Supply is an employee-owned wholesale distributor of HVAC & Refrigeration products with a rich history and family culture. With more than 100 employees and 17 locations in New York and Pennsylvania, the company’s core values (Excellence, Trust, People, and Respect) align strongly with its Mission Statement, “Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed”.

As an ESOP, Meier Supply values the contribution of every employee, providing an environment conducive to exceptional customer service, productivity and personal growth. The company is currently managed by the third generation of the Meier family and employs several members of the fourth generation.

With five distinct divisions (Commercial Refrigeration, HVAC, Technical/Training, Controls, and Applied Products), Meier Supply provides service and support throughout the HVACR community in NY and PA, partnering with the best vendors and manufacturers in the industry. Their executive offices and state-of-the-art distribution center are located in Conklin, NY.

Meier Supply Co., Inc. is hiring!

Bret Keisling, Passionate Advocat for Employee Ownership

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