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260: Keith Butcher of ButcherJoseph, Part 2

The EsOp Podcast: Keith Butcher of ButcherJoseph & Co, Part 2. Interview with Keith Butcher Managing Partner & Co-founder Butcher Joseph &  Co

Part 2. Bret Keisling is joined by Keith Butcher, who discusses the interplay between private equity and ESOPs, including what opportunities private equity firms see in ESOP investments, returning the entrepreneurial and strategic spirit that sometimes get lost when company founders retire, and his view that it's better for ESOPs to maintain a minority position with private equity investment than risk going out of business without it.

Keith Butcher is managing partner and co-founder of ButcherJoseph & Co., a national investment banking firm focused on middle market M&A and ESOP advisory.

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Episode 260 Show Notes

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Episode 260 Guest

About Keith Butcher

Keith Butcher, managing partner at ButcherJoseph & Co., is an experienced speaker and financial thought leader. Keith co-founded ButcherJoseph in 2011 as a national investment banking firm focused on middle market M&A and ESOP advisory. That same year, Keith also co-founded Mosaic Capital Partners, the preeminent employee ownership private equity firm, focused on investing in lower middle market companies through an ESOP buyout.

For more than two decades, Butcher has been a leading advocate for employee ownership and inclusive capitalism. His team’s initiatives have enabled more than 400 companies to establish broad-based employee ownership, benefiting more than a million employees by allowing them to share in the equity they help generate.

Recently, Mr. Butcher testified for the House Small Business Committee’s hearing that examined the ability of employee-owned companies to access capital from the SBA.

Currently, he sits on the boards of six companies with broad-based employee ownership. Five of these companies are based in the United States and one in Europe.


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