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51: ESOPs and Ownership Culture

In this episode we have a wide-ranging discussion on ESOPs and ownership culture with Linshuang Lu, MSOD, Principal at Praxis Consulting Group ( This episode was recorded at The ESOP Association's 2018 National Conference in Las Vegas.

Linshuang Lu provides organization development, strategic planning, leadership development and culture change services to nonprofits and employee-owned companies. She is passionate about helping organizations develop their leaders and foster deeper staff engagement in order to create better workplaces and achieve greater impact. She plays an active role in the employee ownership community, regularly speaking at regional and national conferences, and writing on leadership development and culture topics.

She has served on the board of The ESOP Association and the National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO) and is currently a member of the Ownership Culture Committee of The ESOP Association.


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