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74: NCEO Outreach

In this episode, we talk with Ramona Rodriguez-Brooks and Tim Garbinksy about the National Center for Employee Ownership. This episode was recorded on April 10th, 2019 at the record-setting NCEO 2019 Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Ramona Rodriguez-Brooks is Outreach and Membership Coordinator at The National Center for Employee Ownership. She focuses on spreading the word about the benefits of employee ownership to companies, community groups, business leaders, and the public. She also works to ensure that the NCEO's membership is supported and growing.

Timothy Garbinsky will be familiar to regular ESOP Podcast listeners, as he has reached out to us in the past to help our listeners learn about NCEO's conference offerings. He is Outreach Coordinator at The National Center for Employee Ownership. and works with volunteers, allied organizations, and the press to creatively and effectively disseminate information about employee ownership and advance the NCEO's mission.

Learn more and register for the NCEO's 2019 Fall ESOP Forum (Salt Lake City, Sept. 17–18) at

Bonus: Our weekly wellness tip from Sara Sullivan, Certified Nutritionist (


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