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Mini-cast 12: Not Horsin' Around for Lian's Legacy!

On today's special episode of The #ESOP Mini-cast, we're not horsin' around!

Kjiersti Cory of the Great Banc Trust Company has a secret talent: Dressage style horse tail braiding! Bret Keisling of Capital Trustees has a not-so-secret talent: Growing a beard!

Since employee ownership is all about putting your talents together to build something greater, they decided to join forces! On November 8th at #ESOPLV, The ESOP Association's 2018 Las Vegas Conference, Kjiersti will braid Bret's beard dressage style to raise money for the "Lian Shalala Gravelle Fundraiser." If we meet our goal of $20K, Bret will wear a My Little Pony Costume and Kjiersti will dress as Rainbow Brite.

And yes, we are serious about this! And to get even more serious for a second: For those who didn't have the pleasure of knowing Lian Shalala Gravelle, Esq., her passing has been a tremendous loss to the ESOP community. She worked at ESOP Plus: Schatz Brown Glassman LLP and Krieg DeVault and was Vice President of The ESOP Association’s New York/New Jersey Chapter.

We'll share details about the Las Vegas location for this event in the coming days. The special ESOP Community donation page is:


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