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Mini-cast 32: From the floor of NCEO 2019

In this episode of the mini-cast, we have two quick interviews right from the floor of the 2019 National Center for Employee Ownership Conference in Pittsburgh, PA. We speak with the very busy NCEO Conference Director Ivette Torres and equally busy NCEO Outreach Coordinator Timothy Garbinsky! We thank them both for graciously sharing their time as they wrapped up a jam-packed conference, and we congratulate them on the record-breaking success of #NCEO2019!

We will be sharing more interviews and presentations from the NCEO conference in the coming weeks, including an interview with NCEO Outreach and Membership Coordinator Ramona Rodriguez-Brooks on the many reasons you should become an NCEO member. But... you certainly don't need to wait until that episode to join -- you can check out NCEO membership at today!


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