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Mini-cast 35: Rob Zicaro Advocating for Employee Ownership

In this #FiduciaryFlashback Mini-cast episode, we are throwing it farther back than we ever have before!

In 1993, Rob Zicaro was an employee owner at Web Industries. His experience there made him a strong advocate for employee ownership. In fact, it's because of his successful participation in an ESOP that Rob was able to retire from Web and shift his focus to writing and recording his own music! Even to this day, Rob remains an incredibly strong ESOP advocate; you can follow him on Twitter at @RobZicaro for regular employee ownership food for thought.

In today's flashback, we head way back to "The Future of the American Workplace Conference" on July 26th, 1993, when Rob Zicaro put on his Web employee-owner T-shirt and shared his valuable insights on employee ownership with the other participants -- including President Bill Clinton -- seen here on The ESOP Association's YouTube Channel.


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