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Mini-cast 40: Joe Marx of Principal Financial Group

In this Mini-cast, we talk with Joe Marx, Vice President, Consulting, at the Principal Financial Group in the Buffalo/Niagara, New York area. In this introduction, we learn about his background and how he entered the world of employee ownership.

In our next full episode of the podcast, we'll be back with Joe Marx to discuss his work on ESOP feasibility and design, implementation, repurchase liability planning, administration and recordkeeping, and ongoing consulting for ESOP companies.


About Principal Financial Group

"Whether you’re a business, an institutional investor, or an individual preparing for the future, we can help you reach your goals through our best in class retirement services, insurance solutions, and asset management services.

Our offerings are based on experience—not quick wins or fads. Because we know that integrity, honesty, and comprehensive expertise are the right way to go—and the surest path to helping you reach your long-term financial stability goals. " [Source: Principal Financial, Our Company]


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