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ESOP Summer School 9: Bob Whalen, CEO of Employee-Owned HB Global, LLC

HB Global CEO Bob Whalen recording with Bret Keisling
HB Global CEO Bob Whalen recording with Bret Keisling

Our “ESOP Podcast Summer School” series is wrapping up this week. We’ve selected highlights from our archives featuring employee-owners, and we’ve been re-releasing them all summer long, so if you like this episode be sure to also check out the rest in the series. (Note that these episodes are from the archives, please remember that the links and email addresses mentioned in the podcast may no longer be valid.) As you enjoy summer school, we are working hard behind-the-scenes at to bring you new content and services that are better than ever, starting in the fall of ‘19!

Our featured guest is Robert "Bob" Whalen, President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of HB Global, LLC. HB Global is the employee-owned holding (parent) company that provides support to four operating divisions located along the East Coast, two in Pennsylvania, one in Florida, and one in Massachusetts.

Bob Whalen describes how their ESOP creates both a positive current working environment today and a retirement vehicle for the future. An ESOP won't turn a bad company into a good company -- but an ESOP can make a good company into a *great* company. Focusing on employees first helps HB Global outperform the marketplace.


"Since becoming an ESOP – employee owned company – in 2010, [HB Global] has unlocked our ability to tap into our team’s commitment to a greater vision, helping us to achieve smarter, more efficient growth, with a focus on each other and not just the bottom line alone. Together, with our employee-owners, we have experienced greater success as a family of partners. As we look ahead, we see our commitment to be THE employer of choice – dedicated to creating sustainable retirement for every employee – the key to our future." [Source: HB Global, LLC - Proud to be an ESOP]


You can hear the original May 22, 2018 release of this episode in "Episode 34" of The ESOP Podcast.


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