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37: ESOPs, Co-ops, and Bernie Sanders

In this week's episode, we feature highlights from the Vermont Employee Ownership Conference, #VEOC18, held this year on Friday, June 8th, 2018 at the UVM Davis Center in Burlington, Vermont.

First, we are reminded that world of employee ownership is more than just ESOPs! Matt Cropp, Associate Director of the Vermont Employee Ownership Center, joins us to provide an excellent explanation of the concepts of Workers Cooperatives and their distinctive features from ESOPs.

Second, we have a Q&A on Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's (D, NY) Pro-ESOP Bill, S. 2786, and its companion bill in in the House of Representatives, and discuss some of the issues these bills are designed to address. Employee ownership enjoys bi-partisan support.

Finally, Cindy Turcot, COO of a 100% ESOP company, Gardener’s Supply, introduces Senator Bernie Sanders (I, VT) to the lunchtime conference attendees at #VEOC18. We are pleased to be able to share Senator Sanders' speech in full. [Thank you to Tabitha Croscut, Esq. of Devine Millimet (Twitter: @ESOPDiva) for this audio.]


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