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62: Ownership Culture

Today, we have the good fortune to have Jason Wellman, Senior Relationship Consultant with ESOP Partners back on The ESOP Podcast. He was one of our very first guests back when we were just starting out, and we were very pleased to have a chance to sit down with him again after a long day at The ESOP Professionals' Forum in New Orleans.

Jason Wellman is a Senior Relationship Consultant with ESOP Partners. Headquartered in northeastern Wisconsin since 2006, ESOP Partners is made up of a full range of ESOP experts which, as you’ll hear, really covers ‘soup to nuts’ of the support of ESOPs. Jason’s role is to help ESOP companies by developing a comprehensive Ownership Culture through proactive educational resources for all participants to improve their understanding of ESOPs' unique benefits.

Jason also speaks about his role as the Chair of The ESOP Association Advisory Committee on Ownership Culture and Communications, and the Vice-President of the Wisconsin ESOP Chapter. Jason is also a contributing author for The ESOP Association’s ESOP Report on Ownership Advantage topics to improve ESOP culture and communications for the Association’s members.

You can hear the full original episode on this topic on Episode 79: Principal Financial Group's ESOP Practice. Plus, listen to our introduction to Joe Marx on Mini-cast 40: Joe Marx of Principal Financial Group.


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